Support Ethics

By clicking “Offer Support” from anywhere on the and visiting you agree to abide by the support ethics explained below.

Support Ethics

Poster – a person who visits and makes a post in order to express his or her feelings and emotions, whether anonymously or not.
Supporter – a person who posts comments on the posts of the posters.
Post – a written expression of feelings and emotions made by the poster either anonymously or not and posted on
Comment – a reply made by the supporter in order to show support to the poster.
Thread – a post that already has comments from supporters on it. is a website for people to share their feelings and emotions, anonymously or not. It is important to keep in mind that people who express themselves on may be going through mental distress. They may experience depression, anxiety, lack of support, misunderstanding from their friends or family, they may feel lonely and even suicidal. It is therefore extremely important to respond to posts in a kind and understanding way.

Good Support

Here are a few advices that will help you make good post responses.
1. Be kind – treat people the same way you would want to be treated yourself. Kindness goes a long way!
2. Be understanding – It is very easy to jump to conclusions, make judgments about people and their character, but this is not the place to be judgmental. In reality, there is absolutely no way to make a proper “conclusion” about a person from reading his or her short anonymous post. is a judgment free zone.
3. Be sympathetic – Being sympathetic is somewhat synonymous with being understanding. However, being sympathetic goes a bit further. Sympathy is a beautiful character trait, when you can put yourself in somebody’s shoes and understand their situation like you experienced it yourself.
4. Be rational – It is great to say something kind to someone who is going through tough time. It is even better to give a helpful advice. However, it is important to keep in mind that people might actually follow your advice. Something that worked or works for you, may not work for somebody else. It is no big deal if the advice is harmless, like “if you feel sad, read a book.” However, it can have severe consequences if the advice is something like, “if you feel sad, drink some alcohol.”


Hi, I read you post and just wanted to let you know that I understand how you feel. Reading your post made me feel like I wrote it myself, because your situation is so similar to mine. I know that it might not mean much to you, but just keep in mind, you are not alone. To me, just thinking that I am not alone, helps me get through some tough days… that and music :) I wish you to stay strong!

Bad Support

Make sure to follow the above advises to avoid bad support. Good support is essential! That is why we implemented a moderation system. Every comment of a new user will be moderated. and Advices is not a counseling/advising platform. People who express their feelings and emotions on do not expect advice. Nevertheless, we do welcome advising. We understand that sometimes, people who have been through similar situations might have the best advice. However, like it was mentioned above, please be rational and considerate when you are giving someone an advice.

Explicit Language does not have restrictions on explicit language. Why? Well, because our goal is to encourage the posters to express themselves as honestly as possible. If you want to make a post and instead of writing down everything as it is you replace all the explicit words with non-explicit words, that in a way counts a suppression. You are holding things within yourself instead of letting them out. is a no holding back zone. Let it all out exactly as it is. On that note, please keep in mind that you might encounter some explicit language either in the posts or comments.
We are currently working to implement “E” labels on the posts and threads that contain explicit language.

Spam and Advertisement

We will not tolerate spam or advertisement! was created with intent to help people who are going through mental distress. By spamming and trying to advertise, you are disrespecting our principles.